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Vape and Play is a collective of cannabis industry pros, master crafstmen, life long Denver community volunteers, cannabis law experts and people that love cannabis culture. This is all balanced with active local community members and a strong board of business consultants.

Pictured is our founder Taylor Rosean and Community Relations Director Megan Lumpkins with Denver City Councilman Chris Herndon after they spoke to the leadership board of the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of DCA businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a voter approved initiative by the citizens of Denver in 2016 to launch a "Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program." This is a first of its kind legal ordinance allowing for completely legal operation of designated cannabis consumption spaces open to the public. This thorough set of rules sets reasonable restrictions on businesses with concern for public and individual health and safety. Most importantly though, the law requires local neighborhood consent for the business to operate, and the drafting of a good neighbor agreement. The full text of the rules governing marijuana consumption areas issued by the City of Denver is here.

The rules for a Designated Consumption Area (or DCA) are a litte different than visting your local watering hole. All patrons will be required to show a government provided form of ID at entry, no matter how old they look. Furthermore, DCA's are not allowed to provide/sell cannabis products of any kind so patrons are expected to bring their own. Of course they still have to comply with state mandated limits on recreational cannabis possession and can not sell to other patrons. Finally, customers might expect to sign a waiver indicating they have arranged safe and legal transportation home, and they will not be driving themselves.

Vape and Play company policies will ensure that every single patron will have a safe and fun experience no matter their cannabis background! Everyone will be welcome from the veteran smoker to the curious by-stander looking to try for the first time. Our board of experts have been hard at work creating a model that will make sure each patron's tolerance level and cannabis experience will be considered. Lastly we will ask that patrons leave their paraphernalia and edibles at home, and invite them to enjoy their cannabis and cannabis concentrates via our Vape Bar.

Well first of all, why not a Vape Bar? This in-house design is going to be amazing, and to our knowledge, one of a kind. More importantly though this feature will provide an excellent, healthy and hygienic vaporizing experience to the lucky customers lining up to use it. Each patron will use a disposable sterile mouth piece and exhale a light vapor. Vapor is much less toxic than smoke, containing fewer particles and possesses far less adverse health risks. This feature ensures Vape and Play will be Clean Air compliant as mandated by law, but also is in consideration of our employees and staff. Plus we are sure the neighbors will be happier for it as well, as this form of consumption is fairly low odor and the smell is easy to manage.

Vape and Play will have a diverse sampling of all kinds of entertainment that pairs perfectly with cannabis. We will offer everything from classic board games, coloring books and cards, to trivia night and yoga class, educational seminars and tasting events, even a comedian or musical group thrown into the mix. Its Vape and Play time! And the possibilities are endless.

The City of Denver will not allow DCA's to have food and alcohol licenses. BUT..... there's no way we could get away with opening a cannabis consumption space without snacks! Denver Vape and Play will have quite the expansive and unique vending machine "Munchie Bar". The board has been hard at "work" researching international snacks, everything from wasabi flavored cheetos to Turkish chocolate treats. Also we will possibly be offering fresh food vending features. And of course, all the classic treats you'd find at the corner gas station.

We are going to be in Denver of course! Not only because I-300 only applies to Denver city limits, but because there is no place on Earth we would rather open our first location. We're on South Broadway, one of the best parts of town. Our neighbors? Some of Denver's finest restaurants, dispensaries and breweries.

Fall 2018. Tickets on sale soon.

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